Always private and confidential

Your privacy and confidentiality is very important to us. That’s why the Moda Health EAP is a completely confidential service available to you and your eligible family members. We do not release any information about your involvement in the program without written permission, and can assure you that no one at work will know of your participation unless you tell them yourself.

If a family member uses the EAP, would the primary subscriber find out?

The privacy and confidentially of your eligible family members is just as important to us as your privacy. Even the primary Moda Health subscriber will not know if a family member uses our EAP services unless the participant tells them. In the case of children, many states allow adolescents to obtain healthcare services legally without the consent of the parents (the age at which this is possible varies). For younger children, parents must be included in the assessment and referral process and would naturally know about the use of the EAP.

Periodic reports don’t identify individuals

We provide periodic reports to your employer. These reports state the number of employees and dependents who use our EAP services each month, general types of problems addressed and the number of hours used. This information is reported in a combined format and no individual is identified. We also do not report any user information that would identify you or a family member using the EAP.

Completely confidential (except for rare circumstances)

As we’ve stated above, you and your eligible family member’s use of the Moda Health EAP is completely confidential. Without written permission, no one will know about your participation in the program except in these rare circumstances, in which case we will notify the appropriate authorities:

  • When we discover evidence of the abuse or neglect of minor children
  • When we discover evidence of the abuse or neglect of elderly persons
  • When there is an immediate danger of harm to one’s self or others
  • If the participant is under subpoena or a court order
  • Please note: If you sign a workers compensation claim, you are giving “blanket permission” to release any and all mental and health records. We will contact you before we release this information.